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Online tool for transliterating Linear B,
the first writing system of the mycenaean Greek language

The Linear B script is the first attested writing system of the Greek language. It is a syllabic script used in various places all over Greece during the mycenaean period. Among the places are Pylos, Thebes, Iklaina, Eleusis and Knossos.

This website offers a tool for transliterating latin script to Linear B and vice versa. Every syllable corresponds to a syllabogram as one can see in the table below. Furthermore, numbers are also transliterated: e.g. to get 55555 in Linear B, you have to first write 50000, then 5000 and so on, i.e. 500005000500505.

Here, you may find an input method for Linear B on Linux.

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	-a		-e		-i		-o		-u	
	𐀀	a	𐀁	e	𐀂	i	𐀃	o	𐀄	u
d-	𐀅	da	𐀆	de	𐀇	di	𐀈	do 	𐀉	du
j-	𐀊	ja	𐀋	je			𐀍	jo		
k-	𐀏	ka	𐀐	ke	𐀑	ki	𐀒	ko	𐀓	ku
m-	𐀔	ma	𐀕	me	𐀖	mi	𐀗	mo	𐀘	mu 
n-	𐀙	na	𐀚	ne	𐀛	ni	𐀜	no	𐀝	nu
p-	𐀞	pa	𐀟	pe	𐀠	pi	𐀡	po 	𐀢	pu
q-	𐀣	qa	𐀤	qe	𐀥	qi 	𐀦	qo		
r-	𐀨	ra	𐀩	re	𐀪	ri	𐀫	ro	𐀬	ru
s-	𐀭	sa	𐀮	se	𐀯	si	𐀰	so	𐀱	su
t-	𐀲	ta	𐀳	te	𐀴	ti	𐀵	to	𐀶	tu
w-	𐀷	wa	𐀸	we	𐀹	wi	𐀺	wo		
z-	𐀼	za	𐀽	ze			𐀿	zo		
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